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Late udpated: December 5, 2000 | Posted Ohio Valley and Taft results. If I forgot any of the speaker awards given at Taft, please notify me! Good luck to all going to Hen Hud!!

Ohio Valley
Cohen/Liebhaber (4-2) 14th seed, dropped in octos to New Trier
Del Nido/Elavia (5-1) 7th seed, dropped to MBA in quarters
Choi/Rosenber (2-4)

Tomer -- 4th speaker
Alyssa -- 17th speaker
Persis -- 20th speaker

Wang/Diaz Martinez (3-0) 2nd seed
Cochin/Eshel (3-0) 3rd seed
Kittridge/Kalloo (3-0) 5th seed
Matei/Saptarshi (3-0) 8th seed
Riad/Diwali (3-0) 10th seed
Hornig/DeWolfe (3-0) 11th seed
Kellogg/Lopez (3-0) 12th seed
Raj/Simchi-Levi (3-0) ??? seed

Paz -- 3rd speaker
Geetika -- 5th speaker
Ed -- 6th speaker

Abbot/Papazin (5-2) dropped in doubles to College Prep KT
Shevrin/Vanneman (4-3)

Little Lexington
Keverian/Kung (4-0) second place
Matei/Saptarshi (3-1) fifth place

Katrina Kaverian -- 5th speaker
Cindy Kung -- 8th speaker
Mike DeWolf -- 10th speaker

Green/Lemon (5-0) dropped in octafinals to Weston.
Nido/Dugar (4-1) dropped in octafinals to Stuyvesant.
Hornig/DeWolf (4-1) reached semifinals (closed out by Klimoff/Luo)
Horn/Prenovitz (4-1) dropped insemifinals to Stuyvesant?
Klimoff/Luo (4-1) co-champs

Sara Deldo -- 1st speaker
Sarah Klimoff -- 5th speaker
Jeramiah -- 8th speaker
Arushi Dugar -- ?? speaker
Tom Lemon -- ?? speaker
Dan Green -- ?? speaker
Mike Hornig -- ?? speaker

Choi/Rosenberg (6-0) dropped in octafinals to Georgetown Day LT (Dan Luxemburg/Jeff Terkowitz)
Litwack/Skier (6-0) co-champs
Cohen/Liebhaber (5-1) co-champs
Shevrin/Vanneman (5-1) dropped in octafinals to Westminster SV (Adam Garber/Lucy Dodd)
Papazian/Collins (5-1) dropped in octafinals to Stuyvesant MY (Emma McKinnon/Matt Yoeli)
Del Nido/Elavia (3-3)

Alyssa Rosenberg - 6th speaker
Stephanie Skier -- 11th speaker
Tomer Cohen -- 12th speaker